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Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Review

Ever been in a situation where you grabbed a bag off an airport’s conveyer belt only to find that it belongs to someone else? This is a common occurrence and the number one way people lose their luggage.

But that is a thing of the past, as you now have a chance to stand out with a Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage piece.


The Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage pieces are just what you need to make a statement. Now you will spot your bag a mile away as it slides through the conveyor belt.

Anyone who travels either for work or pleasure will find a piece or pieces that suit their needs. The company has done its due diligence and made sure that every member of your family is catered to.

The overall cost is worth it, taking into consideration their warranty, quality, durability, and features.


This company was founded in 1976, and since then, the organization has spread far and wide and is now available in over 40 countries worldwide. Their popularity, however, did not come as an easy task, but it took years and years of studying the travel industry to find out what the people needed. Well, you will be shocked to find out that a typical traveler needs something more than a bag with pockets to make their trips more comfortable. They need style, variety, convenience as well as affordability in the products they purchase. And Ricardo Beverly Hills hit the nail on the head on these very factors. And in this piece, you will see how

The Ricardo Beverly Hills company makes and sells an array of products ranging from duffle bags, carry-ons, suitcases as well as check-in luggage. They also offer their clients with extra luggage traveling packing spaces. These include packing cubes, garment sleeves, laundry bags, toiletries pouches, totes, and backpacks.

Unique features that the Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage have


Their bags have expandable zippers

People who love bringing back home shopping, souvenirs, and gifts always look for this feature when purchasing traveling cases. And the Ricardo Beverly Hills collection offers this luxury. The zippers found on almost all their traveling gear allows an additional 25% space expandability.


They have durable double spinner wheels

One set gets the work done, but two make the collection more durable and the movement effortless. Instead of the regular four, your Ricardo Beverly Hills suitcase does have eight! The double spinner wheels, without a doubt, move smoother and faster over most surfaces, including carpets.


They have smart organizational features

The interior packing space uses panels with a zippered mesh to tie down your things in place instead of the typical compression strap. This seemingly results in fewer clothes wrinkles.

In addition to the panels, the models under the Ricardo Beverly Hills come with removable toiletries pouches, several zippered pockets, and one dedicated pocket to place a luggage tracker. Premium selections have additional padded spaces to put laptops or tablets, pens, credit cards, power banks, chargers, and other gadgets.


The models’ interiors are made of light Dream fel fabric

The standard polyester material used to line up the interior of most cases is light, but a 35% lighter material known as Dream fel is used in these Ricardo Beverly Hills bags. The Dream fel material does not absorb any moisture and is eco-friendly, therefore a better option to nylon

Ricardo Beverly Hills Ocean Drive 21-Inch Spinner Carry On Luggage, Silver
  • High-impact material-the 100 percent virgin polycarbonate outer shell made with makrolon by covestro offers lasting durability and protection from the stresses of travel. The ultra-tough construction is much stronger than conventional luggage. Comfortable handle system-vegan leather handle wrap with lightweight aluminum tubes promotes optimal comfort. Effortless mobility-custom 360 degree double wheel system smoothly glides in any direction, enhancing stability and minimizing effort
  • Ultimate protection-travel sentry approved locks protect belongings and allow the tsa to screen checked bags faster. Streamlined handling-a sturdy bottom carry grip promotes easy lifting and optimal handling. Multifunctional zipper pulls-this design swings to secure into the tsa-approved lock, then swings back for a comfortable grip when zipping the case
  • Two-compartment organization-a unique zippered divider pocket separates packed items for easy access and organization. Flexible security-adjustable tie-down panels keep personal belongings in place
  • Grab & go capabilities-the built-in suiter loop and adjustable anti-wrinkle bar protect hanging clothing. Simple separation-separate damp or wet items from other packed items with a removable water resistant pouch
  • Outer Dimensions: 23.75" H x 16.5" W x 10.5" D ;Body Dimensions: 10.5" H x 15" W x 21" D

Availability in variety

When it comes to sorts, the Ricardo Beverly Hills bags have it all. They have their luggage in an array of styles, designs, and sizes in addition to their additional traveling accessories kits.

Their overall design is inspired by the Californian lifestyle that embodies a perfect blend of class and luxury. Meaning if you want the flashy, bold, and colorful, you get that. And if you prefer the subtle, classy, and expensive; you get it too


You get to enjoy a long-timed warranty

The Ricardo Beverly Hills bags come with fantastic warranty deals that cover you for long durations of time- 10 years and beyond. During these stimulated warrantied times, repairs due to wear and tear faulty parts, or poor artistry can get you free repairs or a replacement free of charge.

Most outer shells are made of hard polycarbonate with scratch-resistant finishes. The cases are also made with armored corners and retractable sturdy handles, which facilitate quality and durability


The luggage bags that the Ricardo Beverly Hills company makes are of the utmost quality that has lasted people years and years. Statistics back up the fact that some people have used them with no issues for up to ten years.