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calpak luggage review

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Availability in variety

I love that the Calpak luggage collection is made up of a vast selection of luggage bags including suitcases (I’ll review them here), backpacks, and duffel bags. Each type is fit for whatever traveling you plan to have. In addition to the Calpak models, they have a wide selection of luggage designs on the bags with contrasting colors of red, black, pink, and even silver, among others. Additionally, these Calpak luggage collections come in different sizes as you will see in this review; carry-ons, medium, and large with the freedom to buy one or a set of all.

Their collections are versatile

Thanks to Calpak, their luggage bags are convenient such that there is a bag fit for anyone, male or female, business person, your love partner, or freelancer. The individual luggage collections are particularly the crème of the crop that every member of your family will find a piece that suits their fashion style and travel functionality. Later in this Calpak luggage review, you will read of a few cases suited for both light and dense packing. Some of the collections they have are the Oh joy, you’ll love it! The gold marble, the Medora, the Terrazo, the Ambeur, and the famous Jen Atkin X collection, just to mention a few.

They are very affordable

The prices are quite pocket- friendly. The very idea of traveling is expensive, but buying these Calpak bags will not dent your bank. On average, one single carry-on costs about $170, a medium about $200, and a large one will go for about $300. The Calpak sets of two or three are sold at roughly $320 and $400, respectively. As you will see in any Calpak luggage review, most of the Calpak luggage sets are quite cheap when compared to other brands like Samsonite.

Calpak Luggage Collections

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Let’s take a deeper dive into the specific Calpak luggage sets you might love.

The Ambeur Luggage Set

calpak luggage review

Credits: Fashion Jackson

First on the list is the Ambeaur luggage collection that comes in five different colors- black, silver, rose gold, white, and silver. Ambeur consists of a carry-on that costs $165, the medium $180, and the large $195. The two and the three-piece set cost $325 and $ 425, respectively.

The Calpak Ambeur suitcases have a polycarbonate hard shells with a polyester interior with accessory pockets, a compression strap, a TSA accepted a lock and 360-degree spinner wheels that facilitate smoother movements. Way to go, Ambeur! Keep reading my Calpak luggage review to learn more!

The Medora Collection

The Calpak Medora luggage collection that is available in aurora pink and silver dust is an ultra-chic selection that has a lot of pockets, a zip closure with a push lock that most people find reassuring. This collection is also sold as a carry-on, the medium-size, the large size, and the two and three set pieces.

Their luggage prices are well within the range mentioned earlier on the respective products. This collection is appropriate for both a vacation as well as a business trip.

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The Astyll Collection

This beautifully designed Calpak luggage set comes in two colors; the white milk marble and the black midnight marble. It is suitable for a week-long trip as it provides you with ample space for all your clothes and accessories. It is lightweight and hard-sided, which facilitates its long term use. Once again, the Medora luggage has a carry-on, a medium, a large, a two-piece, and a three-piece in its selection.

calpak luggage review

The Trnk Collection

This Calpak luggage set has a unique vintage design on its exterior. The outer shell is covered in an alligator print-like material that comes in black, grey or nude. Of the other collection, this is the most unisex one. The interior of this luggage selection has more compartments that you will find very resourceful. I personally love these suitcases, thanks Calpak!

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Jen Atkin X Collection

Last but not least in this Calpak Luggage review, we have the classy Calpak Jen Atkin X luggage collection. This premium Calpak luggage set in available in red, black, gold, and pink. It is yet another set of suitcases that would fit both a male and a female user – both will love it. This collection has an aluminum frame with zipperless access running on the Hinomoto silent run wheels that maneuver smoothly on any surface.

The Jen Atkin luggage set also has sleeves and pockets that keep the suitcase clean. The collection was inspired by the celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkins, who has quite a passion for traveling.

Which Calpak suitcase should you get?

If you are traveling the world by air or ship, it is best to use the Calpak hard shell suitcases with impervious TSA approved locks. But if you are going by train or bus, then duffel bags, backpacks, and small Calpak carry-ons are the best considering spaces on such vessels can be limited.

This is not a Calpak luggage review written by an expert, but it goes without saying that if you are to stay longer than a week, a medium or large Calpak luggage suitcase will suffice. But if it is for a day or two, then the Calpak carry-ons are enough. Business Insider and Fashion Jackson website also said good things about Calpak luggage, and to be honest, I agree with them.

That being said, everyone who’s traveling for pleasure tend to pack more. In this case, an expandable Calpak luggage two or three-piece set would be appropriate. I’ll be honest; if you are traveling for work, a medium or large carry-on would be enough because you need space to keep your clothes straight and aligned.

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As said in this Calpak luggage review, their suitcases and luggage sets are certainly a yay. The pros surpass the cons by far and that is why you should grab one of their luggage sets today and fall in love with it. Expert World Travel, Fashion Jackson and Business Insider also posted good Calpak Luggage Review, so check them out if you need more info, or you can just reply and ask me something here.