5 Best Wakesurf Boards For Beginners With Reviews 2022

As a beginner, wakesurfing can be exhilarating and exhilarating at the same time, but if you’re using the wrong board, you may not get the full experience.
The best beginner wakesurf board is important for beginning riders. However, how can you tell which board is the best if you’re new to the sport? Many aspects must be taken into account, including the board’s buoyancy, size, form, and number of fins.

The majority of wakesurf boards for heavier riders have size and shape issues that are incompatible with their weights.
With so many amazing alternatives on the market, picking the best wakesurf board that suits your weight and is stable can be challenging. So if you’re a big guy, check this article where we select the best wakesurf boards for big guys.

Because a wakesurf board has so many options, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and have problems picking. We’ve broken down the top beginner boards for you to help you make the best decision, including the design differences, features, and pros and disadvantages of each.

5 Best Beginner Wakesurf Boards

Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurf Board

Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer Black/Red 5ft 9in
  • Shaped to catch any size wave
  • ROLLED EDGE PROFILE - Forgiving and laid back feel
  • MOLDED EVA TRACTION PAD - Provides maximum comfort and traction
  • SINGLE CONCAVE FORE BODY - and ideal for your first surf adventure.

Fish-shaped, with a 3.2-inch tip rocker, the board features a unique design. The tail of the rocker features a 1 inch tail, which is a big aid for novices.
Hyperlite’s fiberglass is used in the construction of the board. Traditional fiberglass will degrade over time, but Hyperlite’s fiberglass is impervious to this degradation.

Aaron has also had a hand in the design. When it comes to board design, Aaron has a long history and is in control of every aspect of Hyperlite products. In order to improve a wakeboard’s performance at all levels, several designs were created.

With the Landlock Wakesurf Board, you’re getting a lot of fantastic features in one package. Having three fins on the board helps with both balance and agility. A die-cut logo on an EVA pad completes the package.
The board’s single concave fore body and rolled edge profile are further features. With its Monocoque Construction, the board is more resistant to side impacts, preventing delamination of the top and bottom glass panels.

• For riders of all skill levels
• EVA pad
• 3 Fins
• Rolled edge profile

• We didn’t find any

Liquid Force Rocket Beginner Wakesurf Board

If you’re just getting into wakesurfing, it’s logical that you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on your board. Understanding your individual wants and needs might be a challenge..
We’ve determined that the Liquid Force Rocket wakesurf board is the most cost-effective option for beginners.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Rocket novice wakesurf board’s shape is its winged swallow tail. New riders will appreciate the board’s increased stability as a result of this feature. Because of the board’s PU foam core, it will be easy to stay afloat. In the end, it’s a really stable board for balancing, but it’s not designed for tricks or spins.

Depending on the configuration, the board has a single or double concave hull, which makes it easy for water to flow through it. The thruster has a dual fin for a fish-like feel as it travels down the line. For those who aren’t quite confident on their feet, the boat-like sensation is a welcome relief.

• Winged Swallow Tail
• Fish Feel
• Double Concave Hull
• Outline for Stability
• Compression Molded

• None

Liquid Force Primo Beginner Wakesurf Board

Liquid Force Primo LTD (with Straps) 4'10" Hybrid Surf/Skim Style Wakesurf Board
  • Stringer less EPS Foam Single Concave with Quad Channels Squash Tail Dura Shell Compression Molded Foot Straps

A Stringerless EPS foam core is used in the design of the Primo wakesurf board, which aids in the board’s buoyancy.
This will keep you floating while also ensuring that you do not lose your board in the water. It’s also been compression molded, which improves the overall responsiveness and buoyancy.

The Primo novice wakesurf board has a squash tail, which is the most common and versatile tail form for a wakesurf board. The board also has a tri-fin arrangement, which aids in driving.
The quad channels in the single concave hull assist the water flow under the board, giving you more overall control. It’s also highly responsive, which is great if you’re improving as a rider but may be a little too much for beginner riders who are just starting started in the sport.

• Tri-Fin Setup
• Single Concave Hull Quad Channels
• Compression Molded
• Stringerless EPS Foam Core
• Dura Shell

• None

Hyperlite Wingman Wakesurf Board

Hyperlite Wingman Wakesurfer Green/Black 4ft 4in
  • DEEP SINGLE CONCAVE BASE WITH VENTED TAIL CHANNEL - The Wingman's deep single concave bottom with vented tail channel gives it tons of drive even when riding straight towards the boat.
  • HARD WINGS REAR OUTLINE - The compact outline is very maneuverable thanks to its hard wing rear outline and it has enough width and volume to provide a stable ride for beginners.
  • QUAD FIN DESIGN - The fin placements mirror high performance surfboards, delivering great tracking and speed with explosive acceleration.
  • DUAL DECK REINFORCEMENT - Grab the Wingman for driving into the air section and going huge.

If you’re looking for the best wakesurf board for kids, you’ve come to the right place. The design of the Hyperlite Wingman Wakesurf Board is brand new, providing your kids the most up-to-date features available.
After all, in order to develop their wakesurfing skills, your youngsters will need a solid board to begin with.
The Wingman Wakesurf Board is designed with a rigid wings rear outline, which gives your child better control over the board. The board also has a swallow tail form, which is a good shape to work with if you’re still learning to balance but want to have some control over the board’s behavior.

The deep single concave base is only one of the many features to consider with this board. The base also includes a vented tail channel, which keeps your youngster upright while yet allowing them to gain speed without experiencing turbulence.
The board also features a True Surf Glass Lay-up that will help it last a long time. You won’t have to worry about the board cracking because it was constructed by hand with an epoxy construction. Just make sure the board is properly stored, and it should last a long time.

• Vented Tail Channel
• Hard Wings Rear Outline
• Handmade Epoxy Construction
• Dual Deck Reinforcement

• None

Liquid Force POD Wakesurf Board

Liquid Force Space Pod Wakesurf Board One Size 5'
  • Carbon Innegra-reinforced deck. Carbon tape down spine. CNC EPS foam core with stringer. Single-to-double concave vee hull. Square grooved multi-zoned EVA. Quad fin setup: two honeycomb carbon side fins and two Stubbie 2.0 rear fins.

If you’re looking for the best wakesurf board on the market, the Liquid Force POD Wakesurf Board is the one to go for. This wakesurf board boasts a high-end construction and performance, allowing you to get the most out of your wakesurfing experience.

The Liquid Force POD has a square-shaped tail as its first feature. The board itself is made of Dura Surf material and has been compression molded to provide a long life for your board.
Dura Surf Construction means your wakesurf board has a lightweight EPS Foam core that has been blended with multiple fiberglass layers to provide you the best strength to weight ratio. Stringer-less EPS foam is also used on the board, which helps with buoyancy.

The quad carbon LFX side fins are only one of the qualities that the POD has to offer. The carbon honeycomb side grips will help you maintain control of the board while allowing you to turn at fast speeds with ease. The board’s hull is single to double concave, providing a progressive shape for a quick, loose feel on the water. This also means you’ll have no issue fitting inside the pocket of any wave you encounter.

• ProsDura-Surf Construction
• Stringer less EPS Foam
• Quad Carbon LFX Side Fins
• Affordable price
• Single to double concave hull

• None