Top 5 Best Electronic Predator Calls of 2022

Predators are among the most intelligent animals on the planet. When it comes to predator hunting in North America, coyotes are the most common species. Bobcats and cougars are also hunted by some people. If you’ve ever trekked in the western half of the United States, chances are you haven’t seen a cougar. However, a cougar has spotted you.

Coyotes, on the other hand, are something that almost everyone has seen. When you bring out your rifle, though, they have an astonishing capacity to vanish. So, how can you pursue these predators and outwit them? With the use of a predatory electronic call.

When looking for the best electronic coyote call to buy, it’s crucial to note that we all have different demands and wants. It’s even more difficult to find the correct coyote call if you don’t know what you need or what’s available on the market.

Regardless, there are some coyote sounds that are objectively superior. Despite the fact that we have tested every predator call on the market, we are huge fans of the top four manufacturers: FOXPRO, ICOtec, Primos, and Lucky Duck.

Within these companies, there are some e-calls that are genuinely a cut above the rest — callers that are particularly loud, programmable, or equipped with modern technology designed to help you get the most out of every hunt.

Others are noted for being exceptionally durable, having excellent call quality, or simply being “good-value” buys that offer a wide range of features at a reasonable price.

Here is a list of the best predators calls of 2022:

FOXPRO Shockwave–  Best Overall

When it comes to predator calls, the FOXPRO Shockwave reigns supreme. It’s an all-in-one package that includes everything.

A basic predator call, or even one with a decoy, may not be enough for a skilled hunter. As a result, you end up purchasing accessories to upgrade your current caller.

You won’t need to buy anything else now that you have the FOXPRO shockwave. This is the kind of thing a seasoned hunter looks for. It comes with a slew of features and accessories designed for the big league. However, the cost is higher as well. What’s the harm in that? It also has some fantastic features.

It can create roughly 100 noises and up to a thousand calls, for starters. There are a lot of animal sounds to choose from. With four horn-style speakers and two tweeters, the sound can be amplified. Even the most secretive beast is bound to emerge from the cave.

If the 100 sounds aren’t enough for you, you can tailor them to your preferences. To make it sound more genuine, you can alter the pitch or apply a fade out.

FOXPRO Hammerjack– Best Value

This is a caller that FOXPRO fans would adore! This multispecies caller comes with a whopping 111 free sounds.

It can be aggravating when there aren’t enough animal sounds. Especially if it lacks the one specific animal sound that you require. With the FOXPRO Hammerjack, you’re in for a real treat.

It’s no surprise that it’s at the top of our list. When it comes to predator callers, FOXPRO is a well-known and well-known brand. Your hunting experience will be enhanced with the Hammerjack.

It features a total of 100 different animal noises. To top it off, it comes with an extra 111 free sounds. If it isn’t enough for you, this machine can also be programmed. So you’re free to download as much as you want.

It has all of the necessary accessories, including a charging jack, two speaker connectors, and an auxiliary jack. A decoy is also included.

And when it comes to decoys, this isn’t your typical phony rabbit tail. The FOXPRO 4 is installed on the hammer jack. It’s the brand’s natural-looking decoy that looks like a prey’s bushy tail.

It’s not even heavy at 3.53 lbs, yet it combines all of these capabilities into a reasonably small machine.

ICOtec GC101XL– Best Budget

It’s one of the most mobile predator calls on the market right now, and it’s also one of the cheapest.

You probably don’t want to spend that much money on a simple caller. Especially if you’re only interested in trying out predator callers. This model is just what you’re looking for. It’s so inexpensive that you won’t even realize you paid for it. It does, however, offer some decent features that make it useful.

You don’t always want to be troubled by loud predator sounds, especially if you’re traveling light. Then the ICOtec GC101XL will come in handy. It’s small enough to put in your pocket and is the lightest but most effective predator call on the market.

With a range of 100 yards, this predator makes about 12 different animal sounds. That’s all there is to it. The sound is audible and loud for such a little and compact predator cry.

The remote control is another intriguing feature. It doesn’t require a direct line of sight to work. The remote has a range of 100 yards. So, even if you can’t see the small caller from away, you can quickly adjust the noises. This is one of the best predator calls at a reasonable price for a simple priced caller. It truly provides you more bang for your buck.

 ICOtec Gen2 GC320– Best Compact

The ICOtec Gen2 GC300 has been improved. It’s been upgraded with a gorgeous tail and is a smaller version.

Predators are capable of becoming extremely intelligent. They can sometimes distinguish the difference between a real and a manufactured animal sound. Now is the time to use a decoy if you have a cheetah with more protein in its DNA.

The rabbit fur on the ICOtec Gen2 GC320 will entice that large cat to come out of his shell. For your target, this built-in function can make things a little strange. It is the most realistic scenario available. It has a total of 24 different animal sounds that you can utilize while hunting. You can play two sounds after each other, just like in the earlier version. This also makes the sound more natural.

Another amazing advantage is that this predator call may be customized. Alternately, set it to run on a schedule. And the range of 500 is already outstanding. It does, however, include an audio jack connection if you need it to be louder.

Primos 3755 Turbo Dogg– Best Programmable

You can add more animal noises to this programmable predator caller to improve your success rate.

You may be looking for a specific animal sound but are unable to locate it. A programmable caller comes in handy in this situation. Additional animal noises can be customized and downloaded.

The Primos 3755 Turbo Dogg is a programmable predator caller with a variety of useful functions. It has 36 sounds pre-programmed. You can, however, link it to a computer and download additional animal sounds.

You’ll be pleased to learn that it comes with four HyperHunter sounds. Expert Hyperhunt has varied sequences instead of repeating noises that may sound false. It gives the sound a more genuine feel.

This is also the caller for you if you’re seeking for the greatest predator call with a lot of volume. It has a 25-watt amplifier speaker. The more natural it sounds, the wider the frequency.

To keep this baby running, you’ll need 11 AA batteries.