Best Budget Golf Stand Bags in 2022

Finding the perfect golf bag for your game is still one of the most important tasks a golfer must complete. Having the gear and accessories you need on the course might help you relax and concentrate completely on the shot in front of you.

Golf bags are available in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and weights. The decision on which bag is best for you is solely based on what you need to carry throughout a round and whether you choose to walk the course with your bag or use mechanical assistance in the shape of a golf cart.

Your golf bag should be prepared for practically any situation that may arise during a round of golf, including protecting you from the elements, supplying energy, and keeping you hydrated.
The two main types of bags are stand bags or cart bags, which are designed to be used on a cart, and carry bags, which include retractable legs to keep them semi-upright.

What to Look for When Purchasing the Best Golf Bags

The number of pockets of a golf bag should be considered, as more pockets equals more storage. Bags with multiple pockets can also include extra features like a valuables compartment or a cooler pouch for iced drinks on the course.

Every golfer desires a bag that is pleasant to carry. Even if the golfer prefers to ride in a cart, the time spent lifting and transferring the bag to the strap area should not be a source of stress. Players are usually more comfortable with a cushioned strap or a dual-padded strap system.

The size of your bag is important, especially if you plan on walking the course frequently. Sunday or stand bags are a lighter, smaller option for carrying clubs, but a staff or stand bag has greater storage and bigger apertures.

When a golfer checks their bag for accessibility, they usually want to know if the pockets are accessible while strapped to a cart. To make it easier to grab an extra ball or tee during a round, modern golf bags don’t include pockets in the strap region or along the side of the bag.

The bag’s weight is mostly determined by how you utilize it on the course. You’ll need a lightweight stand bag if you like to walk during your round. Golfers who typically travel in a cart will utilize a cart or staff bag as their primary bag.

The majority of golfers desire a bag that will endure more than a season. Finding a long-lasting bag with a high-quality appearance and performance delivers value and delight for any player. Damage to the outer surface of the bag, the seams, and the zippers is common.

A bag’s steadiness also ensures the safety of your golf clubs. Every round, the average bag experiences a great deal of wear and tear. Finding a bag that protects your valuable clubs while also not breaking down at impact is a great way to stretch your budget.

Wilson Staff EXO

Despite being one of the most affordable stand bags on the market, this bag is jam-packed with features that any golfer would appreciate. It won’t crush your back carrying it around the course because it’s only 2.3kg, but it’s still solid and well-made. It’s also comfortable, thanks to the padded airflow strap, four-point harness, and padding on the hip and back, and the entire design feels well-balanced.

There are six pockets, each of varied sizes, that are conveniently accessible. A DryTech pocket for your belongings and a full-length clothing pocket are included.

• Six pockets
• Velcro glove holder
• Rain hood
• Umbrella holder
• Towel ring
• Padded harness
• Weight: 2.3kg

Ogio Shadow Fuse 304

The Ogio Shadow Fuse is a lightweight stand bag that is just as handy as it is fashionable. The polyester exterior is durable and anti-abrasion, while also resisting water.

As soon as you put the straps on your shoulders, you’ll be enamored with the innovative disc system, which was created to distribute weight more evenly for optimal comfort. If you need something from your pockets, you’ll find them easily accessible thanks to a quick-stash design that allows you to quickly reach your phone, rangefinder, or water bottle.

The main compartment is spacious, and the unit feels secure but light thanks to an integrated grab grip. While in use, the top-mounted stand mechanism will keep your bag feeling robust, yet when retracted, it will lock away snuggly.

• 4-way dividers
• Retention loop for alignment sticks
• Water-resistant, fleece-lined pocket for valuables
• Anti-abrasion fabric
• Ergonomic design for weight distribution
• 5 zip pockets
• Moisture-repellent
• Removable ball pocket

Sun Mountain H2NO Lite 14-Way Stand Bag

Sun Mountain 2021 H2NO LiteSpeed Golf Stand Bag
  • 8.0" Top 4-way dividers
  • Six pockets are a full-length apparel pocket and hydration pouch
  • Stacked double velour-lined valuables pocket for your phone and rangefinder
  • X-Strap System
  • Sculpted shoulder straps

This purse is a bit of a toss-up, featuring design elements that you’ll either adore or despise. The G-belt harness system is an excellent example of this, as it allows golfers to attach their bag to a particular belt. This has the advantage of shifting weight away from the shoulders and spreading it more evenly. It may appear to be a crazy idea, but give it a try and you might become a believer!

The 14-way divider system distinguishes it from the rest of the bags on our list and ensures that your clubs are well protected when not in use. The bag’s construction is entirely waterproof when zipped up, which is more or less a prerequisite for a top-level bag.

A flared mouth allows for quick club withdrawal, and a leg locking system allows for convenient movement on carts and golf trolleys.

• 100% waterproof
• Flared mouth for easy club removal
• Hip pad
• Leg locking system
• Lift assist handle
• Compatible with G-belt system
• 14-way divider
• Five pockets
• Weight: 2.2kg

TaylorMade 8.0 Stand Bag

TaylorMade Stand 8.0 Bag
  • 8-Way top dividers
  • 2 Full-length dividers
  • Multi-handle design
  • 5 Pockets
  • Glove loop

The TaylorMade 8.0 stand bag is a high-quality bag that provides ample storage as well as protection for clubs while walking the course.

The bag has an eight-way top that keeps your clubs from colliding for maximum safety. Each slot features a padded and material-covered lid to protect the hosel on all of your clubs, extending their life and ensuring their performance.


• The dual-strap shoulder system is quite comfortable and allows for easy towing to the cart while walking.
• The spacious front pocket is big enough to accommodate golf shoes or other bulky items.
• Six pockets hold a lot of items and provide a lot of storage. pocket with velour lining

Eagole Cart Bag

The Eagole may be of interest to you if you’re seeking for a cart bag that won’t turn heads but will deliver a good experience. Golfers appreciate the Eagole bag’s safety and storage, which includes a 14-way divider top.
The bag has nine pockets, including an insulating cooler pouch to keep your drinks cold during your round. The Eagole bag has compartments for towels, shoes, devices, and umbrellas.


• The 14-way partition system in the bag allows the clubs to breathe.
• Your drinks and snacks will stay cool in a luxury cooler compartment.
• Multiple pockets

Sun Mountain 4.5 LS Stand Bag

Sun Mountain 2020 4.5 Ls 14-Way Golf Stand Bag Black/Blue
  • Top Diameter: 9"
  • Top Dividers: 4-way
  • Pockets: 9
  • Lift-assist panel built into the lower pocket for easy maneuvering
  • E-Z Fit Dual Strap System is comfortable to carry and easy to adjust for custom fit

The 4.5LS 14-way is great for people who carry their luggage and desire individual club dividers. It comes with a lumbar support Air Flow hip pad, an easy-to-adjust E-Z Fit Dual Strap System, and padded straps with grab loops for a more comfortable carry.


• To preserve clubs and prevent shaft migration, the bag has fourteen separate club dividers that run the length of the bag.
• A full-length garment pocket, hydration pouch, various accessory pockets, and a water-resistant, velour-lined valuables compartment are among the nine pockets.
• A cart strap pass-through, a leg-lock system, and a cart-friendly bottom are among the characteristics that make it cart-friendly.
• A pass-through for the cart strap runs behind the garment pocket, allowing the bag to be attached to a cart without obstructing pocket access.
• Rain hood is also provided.